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Workshops & Speaking

I have conducted a number of workshops at conferences and for continuing education of teachers. Below is a list of my past workshops and speaking topics.


Science & Health Communication

  • Basics of Reading Medical Studies for Journalists
  • How to Prepare for a Press Interview (for researchers/scientists)
  • Vaccines & Vaccine Hesitancy: Lessons for Science Writers
  • Understanding Parental Vaccine Hesitancy and the History of the Anti-Vaccine Movement


Secondary Teachers’ Continuing Education

  • SAT Preparation Course Instruction
  • ACT Preparation Course Instruction
  • Reading Comprehension for English Teachers
  • Reading Comprehension for Subject-Area Secondary Teachers
Digital Photography


Adult Enrichment

  • Beginning Digital Photography
  • Advanced Digital Photography
  • Planning Independent Travel


High School Journalism

  • Travel Photography
  • Documentary Photography
  • Feature Writing
  • Networking