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I do a wide range of consumer and trade writing for adults and children, primarily in health, medical research, and science reporting. My coverage specialties include vaccines/infectious disease, pediatrics, prenatal and maternal health, mental health, parenting, and marine biology. I also write for several regular blogs and write books for children and adults.

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You see a list of all my articles related to vaccines here. Below, you can scroll down to see links to specific clips under different topic categories.

Health & Medicine Featured Stories

Two Countries, One Deadly Disease, NOVA Next, 9/10/2014

8 Reasons Parents Don’t Vaccinate (And Why They Should), Parents Magazine, October 2015 issue

The Great Success And Enduring Dilemma Of Cervical Cancer Screening, NPR, 4/30/15

It’s Baaaaack! 33 Flu Vaccine Myths You Don’t Need to Fear, Red Wine & Applesauce, 10/10/15; also copublished on NPR

The Hottest Zone: How the Media Stoked the U.S. Ebola Panic, Politico, 10/21/14

Measles cases are spreading, despite high vaccination rates. What’s going on?, Washington Post, 6/23/2014

Delaying Vaccines Increases Risks—with No Added Benefits, Scientific American, 6/2/2014

No More Formaldehyde Baby Shampoo, Slate, 3/3/2014

From Baghdad to Boston: War Lessons on Amputations Help Blast Victims Walk Again, Scientific American, 4/17/2013

Expanded Clinical Definition of Anorexia May Help More Teens, Scientific American, 9/25/2013

Health & Medicine Straight News

Misfolded Proteins Travel in Huntington’s Disease, Scientific American, 9/16/14

Even Normal-Weight Teens Can Have Dangerous Eating Disorders, Study Finds, HealthDay, 8/26/2014

More Parents Nixing Anti-Bleeding Shots for Their Newborns, Scientific American, 8/19/14

Highest maltreatment rates in black, Native American families,  Chicago Bureau, 6/4/2014

ID’ing a Skull Just Got Easier, Scientific American, 6/1/2014

500 Drugs Updated with Direction for Child Use Since 2002, Scientific American, 3/10/2014

Poverty Remains Major Obstacle to Illinois’ Youngest; Minorities Hit Hardest, Chicago Bureau, 2/21/2014

Baboon Study Reveals New Shortcoming of Pertussis Vaccine, Scientific American, 2/1/2014

Consumption Junction: Childhood Obesity Determined Largely by Environmental Factors, Not Genes or Sloth, Scientific American, 4/9/2013

Putting Tests to the Test: Many Medical Procedures Prove Unnecessary—and Risky, Scientific American, 3/5/2013

Childhood Concussion Studies Butt Heads, Scientific American, 6/10/2013

Shooting the Wheeze: Whooping Cough Vaccine Falls Short of Previous Shot’s Protection, Scientific American, 5/21/2013

Few Answers on How to Effectively Help Children Cope with Trauma, Scientific American, 2/11/2013

Preschoolers Who Drink Daily Sodas Are More Likely to Be Obese by Age 5, Scientific American, 8/6/2013

U.S. states make opting out of vaccinations harder, Nature, 10/5/2012

Health & Medicine First Person or Commentary

How A Claim That A Childhood Vaccine Prevents Leukemia Went Too Far, NPR, 5/27/15

Breastfeeding In Public: Illinois Restaurant Shows How To Right A Wrong, Forbes, 5/7/15

Arsenic And California Wine: Do You Need To Worry?, Forbes, 3/23/15

Democrats Have a Problem With Science, Too, Politico, 6/1/2014

Why Is Katie Couric Promoting Vaccine Skeptics?, Politico, 12/9/2013

Science & Environment

A shark scientist bites back, Pacific Standard, 8/12/14

An eco-friendly way to reduce shark attacks, Science, 8/8/14

The Longest Brooder in the Animal Kingdom, Slate, 7/30/14

If a 12-year-old’s “breakthrough” sounds too good to be true…, KSJ Tracker, 7/28/14

Sharks Are the New Whales, Slate

What Is the Answer to That Stupid Math Problem on Facebook?, Slate

5 Shark Species May Gain Protection Boost from New Findings, Scientific American

Victory for Manta Rays and Sharks at CITES, Scuba Diving Magazine

Coral’s color decoded at University of Texas, Austin American-Statesman

Texas expert on saving the albatross, Austin American-Statesman

Life-Saving Solutions for Surgeries, UT-Austin

Alumnus Terry Hill: Creator Of The Master Spacesuit, UT-Austin

Science and the Sea, a department in in Texas Saltwater Fishing magazine
A Neighborhood for Everyone                                  Horseshoe Crabs: True Survivors
The Real Blue Bloods of the Sea                             Dad Does the Dirty Work
Circling the Globe on Cruise Control                        Oil: the Breakfast of Champions
Seeking Answers to Whale “Speech”                       Goby Guardians of the Coral
When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted                    A Simply Smashing Shrimp
Juggling Five Jobs from Behind                               A Vampire Squid that Feeds on the Dead
Surviving in the Harsh Midnight Zone               

Trade Writing (Medical)

Doctors Need More Resources to Manage Pediatric Concussion, Family Practice News, 11/12/2012

More Evidence Links Psychosis to Metabolic Syndrome, Clinical Psychiatry News, 10/16/12

Patients at Risk for Psychosis Show Gradual Decrease in Hippocampal Volume, Clinical Psychiatry News, 11/19/12

General Interest Features

Generation 9/11: Growing Up With the War on Terror, Austin American-Statesman in collaboration with Reporting Texas

A Psychopathic Trait of Presidents, dailyRx News

Is Lance Armstrong Another Fallen Hero?, dailyRx News